UTSAH's fight against exploitation of children in Silchar brothels
In 2016, 8 women and 3 children were rescued from a brothel in the Radhamadab Road of Silchar. The rescued women and children were sent to Guwahati, vide an order from the Cachar Chief Judicial Magistrate(CJM) and the Cachar Child Welfare Committee(CWC) respectively for rehabilitation. UTSAH Founder Miguel Das Queah while interviewing the rescued women and children found that there were other children who were stuck in the trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation nexus. Survivors had told Miguel that some of them were incarcerated through the entire in small rooms and were beaten up often by their owners. Some of these women and children were trafficked from Nepal. While Miguel Das Queah, through a detailed report, requested the Cachar CJM to take special provisions for the protection, reintegration and rehabilitation of the the rescued women, the CJM gave a blanket order of release and sent the women back into the exploitative brothels. The Deputy Commissioner and the Superintendent of Police refused to close the brothels despite several requests and has been rubbishing our claims. All these hints at an organized nexus of powerful politicians, police and businessmen. We at UTSAH are beginning a fight to close these brothels and free the children. Please do extend your support. Please read the link know the full story:www.caravanmagazine.in/reportage/trafficked-children-silchar-red-light-area
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