11th December 2015

Young and enterprising businessman Karan Handique donates 3 sewing machines for the "UTSAH mothers' livelihood programme" at the Hafiznagar No2. Slum Area Bamunimaidam, Guwahati Community. It was thoughtful of Karan Ha ndique to donate sewing machines to the mothers as this will help the mothers earn a livelihood.
7th December 2015

Community level advocacy on Child Marriage and adolescent pregnancy. Students of Bachelor of Social Sciences TISS Guwahati perform a street play at Hafiznagar No2 Area Bamunimaidam, Guwahati to raise awareness on child marriage and adolescent pregnancy. This activity is a part of an initiative by TISS Bombay & UNFPA.

Children of the UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Non Formal Education Programme (Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area) Guwahati, joins "Team Scholastic India" on November 27, 2015, to celebrate the pleasures of reading through the "One Nation Reading Together" event.

21st November 2015

All Child Rights organizations of Guwahati to celebrate Universal Children's Day 2015 in Guwahati on the 21st November 2015. It was on this very day, in 1989, that the UN General Assembly passed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, upholding a firm commitment that children have individual rights and each of these need to be protected. We at UTSAH are committed to Child Rights

15th November 2015

The Gorkha Youth Guwahati Group donates blankets to the children of the ‪UTSAH‬ Child Protection Center on 15 Nov, 2015. Team UTSAH thanks the Gorkha Youth Guwahati Group for its kind gesture.
26th October 2015

Bhawani Bhargava from Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi is welcomed by UTSAH Chairman (Miguel Das Queah), Vice Chairman (Shankardev Chowdhury), Executive Member (Rukmini C Baruah), Community Teacher (Roheema) and Community Coordinator (Anwara). Bhawani Bhargava from Etihad Airways gave her tireless efforts this past summer in raising supplies for the children of Hafiznagar no 2.
11th October 2015

Baxter Healthcare Pvt. Limited, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, donates Colour Boxes, Pencils, Games and Sweets to the children of the UTSAH Child Protection Centre and UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Education Programme, Hafiznagar No2. Slum Area Bamunimaidam Guwahati.Baxter assists healthcare professionals and their patients with treatment of complex medical conditions.
27th september 2015

PINKATHON Guwahati witnessed participation of 40 women and children of the Hafiznagar no.2 Child protection and Smile education center on the 27th of September at Sonaram School field. The main event had three categories of run – 3km, 5km and 10km in which the community women/children took part in the 3km run. The children and women were seen to be thoroughly enjoying themselves dancing to the zumba beats, choreographed by Sameer Sachdev from Delhi, and in great anticipation waiting for their turn at the run at the Nation’s biggest “All women’s run”. This event marked a special day in the lives of our community women who were in turn the recipients of free health checkups (mammograms and breast check up) sponsored by GNRC north Guwahati.
20th september 2015

‘Baby bearing walk’, one of the main events organized by Pinkathon witnessed the participation of 8-10 mothers of the children along with their infant siblings, of the Hafiznagar no.2 Child protection and Smile education center on the 20th of November at Nehru Park. The events focused on the idea of ‘motherhood’ being one of the most important journeys endured by a woman and being the most crucial, too. Milind Soman, Ambassador of Pinkathon is a staunch supporter of women’s health and believes in the importance of health care.
Our UTSAH Executive Member Rukmini C. Baruah was featured in the Assam Tribune Newspaper on 26th September 2015
12th september 2015

Pinkathon initiative organized by United Sister’s Foundation in collaboration with UTSAH as its supporters/promoters for Guwahati Pinkathon 2015(held on 27th September) organized an interactive session with the UTSAH community members at Hafiznagar No.2 Child Protection center and UTSAH-Smile foundation education programme center on the 12th of September. Milind Soman was seen interacting with the children and having fun chatting session with the young boys about health, fitness and sports. It was a great initiative taken by Pinkathon-UTSAH collaboration which encouraged the community members and children towards a better health and life.
6th september 2015

The D.S Research Organisation in collaboration with UTSAH, held a Health Campaign for its women at the Hafiznagar No.2 slum area of its Child protection programme and UTSAH-Smile education programme center. DSR-O coordinator, Miss Barnali, interacted with the women about the importance of health during pregnancy and in general and also answered many queries that came up during the discussion.
25th august 2015

Community members of UTSAH along with some children of Hafiznagar No.2 slum area of Guwahati, attended a press conference organized by Pinkathon, where they got to interact with Bollywood star/actor Milind Soman. The star is the Ambassador and initiator of ‘Pinkathon’, which seeks to raise awareness on women's health through an active lifestyle and regular checkups of which UTSAH is a support partner.
15th august 2015

UTSAH Chairman, Miguel Das Queah celebrates the 68th Indian Independence Day by hoisting the National Flag at the UTSAH Child Protection Center (Hafiznagar No2 Slum Community). The event was atteneded by the UTSAH Vice-Chairperson, Shankardev Chowdhury and interns from Birmingham University, as a part of the Inter-vol-UTSAH collaboration and other staff who were a part of the programme.
26th July 2015

UTSAH in collaboration with the North East Nutrition and Dietetic Association (NENDA) organized a Nutrition camp for the slum children (0-18yrs) of Hafiznagar no.2. The objective of the camp was to evaluate the BMI (body-mass index) of a child, including detection of pitting edema and any recent episodes- fever, diarrhea and night blindness among these children. The event was carried out in batches where children along with their mothers were assessed. The result of which were found that most of them were malnourished and they need special attention towards the same.
5th July 2015

On performing well in their exams, some of the students were taken for a ‘day out’- (field excursion) to the Nehru Planetarium.
12th June 2015

On the evening of 12th June, children from the UTSAH Child Protection Center and UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Mission Education Programme of the Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area celebrate Pre Rongali Bihu(Assamese New Year) with Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister of Assam at his Guwahati residence.Thereafter, the team was hosted by Rashmi Khosla, wife of Jitesh Khosla, Chief Secretary Assam, at her Guwahati residence. Ms.Khosla is also the current President of PRERANA, The Assam IAS Officers' Wives Association, on the occasion of Rongali Bihu. Rashmi presented the overjoyed children with snacks and refreshment on their arrival and had a fun interaction with the children.
12th april 2015

Miss India 2015 Top 10 Finalist, Miss Popular & Miss Multimedia Rewati Chetri visits the UTSAH Child Protection Center and interacted with the children of the UTSAH Smile Foundation India Mission Education Programme at the Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area in Bamunimaidam, Guwahati, Assam. This visit was in solidarity to UTSAH’s “STOP CHILD ABUSE in ASSAM” Campaign. Designer Nandini Baruva and Asstistant Director of FINER Nanda Kirati Dewan also attended the programme.
28th march 2015

On the 28th of March 2015, UTSAH completed 4 years of service to children. The day was celebrated with a Charity Music Concert (Smile Foundation India Action for Children-AFC) featuring International Concert Artist from Nagaland Nise Meruno and Zowe Madrigal, Jazz Pianist Ron Chaliha, Fusion Rock Band MO & the Shooting Stars and Pianist Promiti Phukan. The concert was attended by Smt. Dolly Gogoi, wife of Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, Chief Secretary of Assam Shri. Jistesh Khosla, Principal Secretary of Planning and Development Shri.KV Eapen amongst a host of prominent people from Guwahati. Renowned TV Artist Florence Handique was the wonderful host for the evening. Assamese Cinema Actors Kapil Bora and Zerifa Waheed also attended the programme. Zerifa Waheed stressed on the good work UTSAH has undertaken for slum area children whereas Kapil Bora, in his speech, stressed on the importance of stopping child abuse in Assam
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