25th of December 2011

The student of the UTSAH On-site Hafiznagar School perform “O Mur Apunar Desh” and two Christmas carols at the UTSAH Christmas Dinner hosted at the UTSAH Office in Bamunimaidam.The event was attended by Mrs.Reeta Borbora,Chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee, Kamrup District, Assam. The children were trained by Founder of UTSAH Miguel Queah.
On 14th of November 2011,UTSAH

UTSAH celebrated Childrens’ day with the children of the HafizNagar On-site Slum School. The event included interaction on the significance of Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday and life, awareness on Child Rights and education and many fun-programmes that got smiles on the faces of the children. Sweets and other goodies were also distributed amongst the children.
Reach to Teach on site-school

Founder Chairperson of UTSAH, social worker Miguel Queah takes morning classes at the slum on-site school. Queah devotes 18 hours per week at the school. He teaches elementary Assamese, English, Drawing and Moral Science.
Art of Living Meditation Camp 23rd to 27th of November 2011

UTSAH facilitates 5-Day Meditation Workshop by ART of LIVING for the women and Children of Hafiznagar Slum Area of Guwahati. Co-ordinated by Ms.Pinki Hazarika, State Teacher Co-ordinator, Art of Living,Assam.This programme is meant to expose the beneficiaries to the good effects of meditation and spiritualism.60 students and 40 women attended this workshop.
Reach to Teach Program ( School Opening)

On 20th of November, Shree.Preetom Saikia, CEO of GMDA inaugurated the UTSAH on-site Reach to Teach education initiative at the Hafiznagar Slum area of Bamunimaidam. The Chairperson of UTSAH, Miguel Queah conducts morning classes for two hours to teach the basics in the Assamese language thereby helping them with learning and reading skills and also to inculcate a sense of discipline from a young age. Some elders have also expressed their willingness to learn and have joined these regular classes.

Café Conversations 8th of October 2011

Event organized by UTSAH in collaboration with Youth Forum on Foreign Policy(YFFP) New Delhi at a city based coffee shop which is opened to the public to come and join in an interactive way concerning issues that needs focus. The Silent Water War - Reality or Myth? A dialogue initiated by noted journalist Mr. Wasbir Hussain, was the first of its kind in their efforts to hold future discussions about other topics of interests. The aim is to disseminate correct and important information for common knowledge and awareness to have an impact on a larger scale.

Gandhian Ideals on the 28th of September 2011

A small speech was arranged as a part of the on-going school festival ‘Odyssey’ at the ‘Sanskriti – The Gurukul’ School at Lokhra on the 28th of September 2011 by noted Gandhian, Sri Natwar Thakkar, founder of the ‘Nagaland Gandhi Ashram’ and a renowned Indian figure. This talk coincided, the week before Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday to remind children the values of the Father of the Nation in Gandhian ways and principles. ‘Sanskriti – The Gurukul’ is one of the city schools which have tied up with UTSAH for their Programs and Events.


On the 22nd of September 2011 Mrs. Jane Krill Thompson, wife of the Consul General of Kolkata Mr. Dean Thompson, expressed her willingness to visit the UTSAH team on hearing about their work. The team took her to the Slum located at No.2 Hafiz Nagar, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati after a brief meeting with the team, to show her the living conditions and the grounds covered by UTSAH. Being an educationist herself she took a particular interest in the team’s program to undertake teaching of the children. There was also a meeting with the Consul General Dean Thompson himself with the team later in the evening, after the visit.

Health Camp on the 21st of August 2011

On the 21st of August 2011, UTSAH in association with International Hospitals, Guwahati has organized a medical camp in the Slum located at No.2 Hafiz Nagar, Bamunimaidam in order to assess their health problems and improve their overall approach to health and living conditions. Free medicines were also given. The Health camps would be organized at a regular basis as a part of the UTSAH program.300 people(beneficiaries) got themselves checked. TV Personality Florence Handique opened the programme for UTSAH as a guest.

Slum Development

UTSAH has partnered with the Slum located at No.2 Hafiz Nagar, Bamunimaidam in order to better their living conditions by educating the residents themselves about hygiene and responsible living in the environment. It has empowered the community to follow common hygiene practices thereby exposing them to the importance of healthy and clean living. UTSAH also plans to take comprehensive development strategies to enhance basic services, educational facility and livelihood of the residents.

World Environment Day 5th June 2011

A Trail walk was organized at the Rani forest Reserve for the students of "Maina Khurang School" of Rani along with conservationist Sri.Bhupendra Talukdar And the “Queen of Elephants” Smti Parbati Barua. Its objectives were also to sensitize environmental issues by making the whole experience interactive. This, it believes, would help launch the young as probable stakeholders to the ideas of conservation in any capacity. Art of Living Guwahati tied up with UTSAH for this programme.

Rural School Development

The Society believes that formative development covers an important part of student life. It has partnered with the Swahid Khargeshwar Talukdar High School at Baksa for its development. UTSAH formally announced a merit based Scholarship for 10 students of the Swahid Khargeshwar Talukdar High School every year and has connected them with city schools that UTSAH has tied up with to provide interactions and exposure to students much beyond their classrooms. This has also exposed the city schools to field work and community service as well. The opening of this initiative was attended by Shri.Hemango Sharma,IAS,Commissioner & Secretary,Dept of Social Welfare, Govt. of Assam, Ms.Nishita Goswami noted Assamese actor, renowned Gandhian Natwar Thakkar, renowned litterateur Lakshyahira Das, Deputy Commissioner of Baksa Babul Ch.Barbaruah and Baksa Superintendent of Police Rana Bhuyan.

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