14th DECEMBER, 2013

UTSAH awards Annual Scholarships to 10 meritorious students of Swahid Khargeshwar Takudar High School of Chenimara Village in Baska District, Assam. Hon'ble MLA of Rangia Shri Ghanashyam Kalita attends the programme as the Special Guest. The scholarships are sponsored by Pankaj and Ruby Barua Foundation of Guwahati. UTSAH Executive member Shakardev Chowdhury and Team member Bhargab Jyoti Sharma were also present during the occasion.
25th November 2013

On the 25th of November 2013,nationally and internationally acclaimed dance artist MenakaPP Bora visits the Utsah-Smile Foundation non formal education programme (part of Utsah Child Protection Center).Menaka interacted on a variety of issues with the children of the programme, touching on topics like education, movies, theatre and drama . However, as expected, the best part of her visit was the dance workshop that she conducted with a group of students. In a rather interactive manner, she demonstrated how the various animals and birds would be represented in dance forms. The students enacted the various hand gestures and movements with utmost thrill. Menaka congratulated the Utsah team for this community initiative and expressed on considering a long term association with Utsah, as far as charity fund raising events were concerned.

Currently based out of London, Menaka has been trained in Indian classical dance vocabulary from the age of three years by her mother and guru Indira P.P. Bora who is an established Indian classical dancer and choreographer and also a recipient of prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy Award. Menaka specialisesin Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi andSattriya dance of India.
20th November 2013

On the 20th of November 2013, Utsah completed two successful years of providing non-formal education to the children living in the slum area of HafiznagarNo2. It was on this day, in 2011, that the non-formal education initiative was inaugurated by Pritam Saikia,IAS, the then CEO of Guwahati Municipal Development Authority.20th November is also celebrated as International Day of Children’s Rights throughout the world. This Day holds massive significance as Utsah, as an organization, is primarily committed to protecting the Rights of children throughout the country.

Noted Senior Journalist and Writer Dr.Wasbir Hussain, who is also a special correspondent with Times Now India, visited the Utsah-Smile non formal education programme(part ofUtsah Child Protection Center). Dr.Hussain congratulated the students and the Utsah team for completing two eventful years. He stressed on the importance of education and reminded the students about the wide possibilities that come along with literacy. Dr.Hussain urged on the Government to reaffirm their stand on protecting children from vulnerabilities. He believed that the very fact that the children living in the particular slum area have no organized shelter, no tap water, no access to healthcare and lack of electricity, amounts to a huge violation in itself. The entire programme was covered and telecasted by popular satellite news channel NEWS LIVE ASSAM
15th November 2013

On 15th November, noted senior counsellor and wellness therapist Ms.Raina Bhattacharya conducts an extraordinary awareness session on Alcoholism, amongst parents and guardians of the students, at the Utsah Child Protection Center. Ms.Raina, with her powerful interactive skills reached out the parents, especially the male members, and communicated the ill effects of alcoholism. Ms.Bhattacharya refuted the idea that the problem of alcoholism could be stopped by reprimanding and social sanction. She believed in a more innovative and solution-oriented approach that could solve the problem for a long term. In her motivating tone, she expressed to the male members that “Drinking alcohol is not a problem. But the alcohol should not drink you.” She touched on various aspects like good habits that can keep alcohol away, women’s role in curbing alcoholic behaviour in husbands, children’s role in dealing with an alcoholic parent and many more intricate issues. Ms.Bhattacharya’s session ended amidst a huge applause from the audience, with people requesting the session to carry on beyond its scheduled time.
14th November 2013

On the 14th of November the School was decorated with streamers and balloons. The Commissioner of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation , Mr.Viswanathan Subbayyan, I.A.S visited the Utsah-Smile Foundation non-formal education programme(part of Utsah Child Protection Center) to celebrate Childrens’ day with the students.Mr. Viswanathan was welcomed by two Assamese and two english songs by the 75 students. In his speech, Mr.Viswanathan congratulated the children for beautifully decorating the school and for inviting him over on the special day. He expressed his happiness on seeing so many children living in the slum area receiving education through the Utsah and Smile Foundation initiative. He urged the students to study hard and secure the future of the Nation we love so much. He also promised that he would initiate necessary steps to secure a better housing option for the families living in the particular slum area. At the end of the programme, Mr.Viswanathan distributed packets of candy floss amongst the students.

The Utsah Childrens’ Day celebrations were covered and telecasted by popular news channel DY365. The channel projected the idea that a celebration like Childrens’ Day was not only celebrated in bigger schools but also in an education programme, run by Utsah and Smile Foundation India, in a small slum pocket of Guwahati city.
5th November 2013

Senior Consultant with AON Hewitt Rajneesh Chowdhury interacted with the children of theUtsah-Smile Foundation India non-formal educationprogramme(part of Utsah Child Protection Center).Mr.Chowdhury interacted with the students to get an idea of the transformation in the lives of the children living in the slum are of Hafiznagar No2 , since Utsah’s intervention.Healso taught the students to represent their ideas of change through a diagrammatic “River of Life” form. Through his interactions, Mr.Chowdhury also documented the common aspirations amongst children, which is believed to be of supreme importance in any child development programme.Mr.Rajneesh Chowdhury is attached to Utsah as a senior consultant.
1st November 2013

UTSAH Volunteer Team, led by Vice Chairwoman Pallavi Barua, distributed clothes amongst the children of the Utsah –Smile Foundation non-formal education programme(part of Utsah Child Protection Center-Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area). 70 per cent of these old clothes of good condition were donated by Vandana Goyal(commonly known as Thonga Baba), 20 per cent by IDEA-Aditya Birla Group & 10 per cent by RadhikaDutta(10%) Guwahati.Assam. Utsah interns Vidhi Goenka ,Bhargab Jyoti Sharma and volunteers from Don BoscoUniversity, Assam Institute for Advanced Studies and NERIM did a commendable job in sorting and distributing these clothes among the children.
1st-4th November 2013

Students of the Utsah-Smile Foundation India non formal education programme(part of Utsah Child Protection Center)decorated over 300 earthen lamps for diwali. The children painted the lamps in different colours and designs under the guidance of intern Vidhi Goenka. Students Sukurbanu Begum, Samida Begum, Manjila Khatun, Hamida Khatun, Rahul Ali and Sukur Ali took active part in the entire process. All the 300 decorated lamps were sold out within three days. Many orders had to be cancelled because of the lack of time. However, next yearUtsah plans to decorate more lamps to cater to the heavy demand of these decorated lamps during Diwali.
26 October 2013

Utsah Chairman Miguel Queah conducted an orientation on community based child protection for students of Assam Don Bosco University, Masters of Child Rights and Development. The Assam Don Bosco University launched its Masters in Child Rights and Development Programme on the 19th August 2013 and is conducted from Snehalaya.
2nd October, 2013

Gandhi Jayanti was observed on the 2nd of October 2013, at the Hafiznagar No.2 Slum area in Bamunimaidam, Guwahati, in the Child Protection Centre, 75 students along with their 140 parents attended this program. The Lions and the Lioness Club of Gauhati , International Dist. 322D, Guwahati organised a ‘Aahar Seva’ on that day with the Hare Krishna Movement, Guwahati and “ Akshaya Patra”. Chief Spokesperson of UTSAH Shri.Shankardev Chowdhury explained the Community Based Child Development Program, to the Lions& Lioness club members. Students of the Utsah-Smile Foundation India Non Formal Education Programme took the initiative to write and read a prose about Mahatma Gandhi to the guests. This was followed by a community lunch served to all the children and the residents of slum covering a total of 300 people.
9 September 2013

Prominent Ranji trophy players Pritam Das, Pritam Debnath and Gokul Sharma visited the Utsah Child Protection Center , the Utsah-Smile Foundation India non formal education programme and the Utsah Community development programme at the Hafiznagar No2. Slum area. The national level cricketers from Assam interacted with the students of the education programme. The fun-filled one on one interaction covered important aspects of developing life skills through sports. The session ended with a friendly game of cricket.
23 August 2013

Vasudha Tekriwal( Virginia, US)and family, donates Apples and Bananas to the 116 children living in the Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati.Assam @ Utsah Child Protection Center.
18 August, 2013

EYE & DENTAL CHECK UP. The Lions Club & Lioness Club Gauhati organized a Free Eye & Dental Check up, in collaboration with UTSAH @ The UTSAH Hafiznagar No2 Child Protection Center. 88 children were checked for dental problems and 81 children were screed for eye problems. The doctors for dental check up were Dr. Yashna Agarwal and Dr. Reshma Agarwal from Jain clinic. The ophthalmologist was Dr. Anamika Baishya, who was accompanied by nurse Sister Kalpana Kalita from the Lions Eye Hospital. All the medicines would be sponsored by the Lions Club & Lioness Club Gauhati.The Clubs also distributed Apples, Bananas, Toothbrushes, Toothpastes among the children of the Utsah Child Protection Center.
15 August, 2013

UTSAH celebrates Independence Day at the UTSAH (Smile Foundation India) Non-Formal School. All the 75 students alongwith their parents partook in the short programme, where Chairperson Miguel Queah hoisted the Tricolour. All the volunteers and executive members of Utsah participated in the programme. The National anthem was sung, following which sweets were distributed amongst all the children.
2 August 2013

Chairperson Miguel Queah and Vice Chairperson Pallavi Barua ceremonially distributed electronic lamps to the students of the Utsah-Smile Foundation India non formal programme. They also distributed Badminton racquets, carom boards, football, cricket bats amongst the youth of the Hafiznagar No2 Slum Community. Hafiznagar No2 is the community partnered with Utsah.
1st August 2013

UTSAH-Smile Foundation India non formal education programme reopens after Summer break.Chairman Miguel Queah conducts the first assembly. In his assembly speech, Queah stressed on the importance of education and asked the students to be regular with their attendance. Teacher, Roheema Begum requested the students to maintain classroom discipline, which she believed, was very important for academic growth. The assembly ended with the singing of the National Anthem.
28 June 2013

Baxter Healthcare.Corporate Social ResponsibilityBaxter Healthcare Pvt.Limited, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, donates Slates, Pencils and Toffees to the UTSAH Child Protection Center.Hafiznagar No2. Slum Area.Bamunimaidam.Guwahati. Baxter assists healthcare professionals and their patients with treatment of complex medical conditions.
21st June 2013

Veteran Counseling psychologist Dr. Sangeeta Goswami, in a rather interactive session, conducted counseling for adolescent girls living in the hafiznagar No2 Slum Area of Bamunimaidam Guwahati at UTSAH Child Protection Center.

Adolescence is a period of active growth and development-physical, sexual, social and emotional. Many adolescents face problems during this potentially turbulent period, especially ones living the slum areas, and have to deal with the undue stress to themselves, their family their friends.

Dr. Goswami dealt with various issues like health, education community care, hygiene etc.
16th June 2013

Senior students of the UTSAH – Smile Foundation India non formal school visit the Guwahati Planetarium in Latasil Guwahati, as a part of their educational tour curriculum. Volunteers Meghna Sharma and Radhika Moral led the team. The students, for the first time, were exposed to the planetary systems including the milky way and the star clusters. Assistant teacher Roheema Begum also accompanied the group.
12th June 2013

The World Day against Child Labour 2013 was observed at the Utsah Child Protection Center. DIG of Police, Assam, Shri. Shubrajyoti Hazarika visited the center. Shri.Hazarika interacted with the children and stressed on the ill effects of child labour and how education can be a crucial tool for emancipation. He also spoke about the laws on protection and the important role of the police in preserving the rights of children.
9th June 2013

Popular Assamese satellite news channel DY365 conducted a live programme covering the Utsah and Smile Foundation non-formal education programme(part of the Utsah Child Protection Center). The channel also focussed Utsah’s development programme in the slum area of Hafiznagar No2. The hour long programme showcased the activities of the Utsah Child Protection Center. The children of the education programme spoke vividly about their involvement with Utsah, especially about the benefits of the education programme. The children also recited poems and gave live performances of Assamese traditional bihu dance and songs.
7th June 2013

Utsah, in association with the East Guwahati State Dispensary (Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Assam) organized an awareness programme on immunization and best healthcare practices at the Utsah Child Protection Center. Medical supervisor Buluma Saikia conducted the programme. She stressed on women health and its bearing on children. All the 265 residents, including children, of the Hafiznagar No2 slum area attended the programme.
5th June 2013

TV Personality and designer Garima Saikia Garg celebrated World Environment Day with the children of the Utsah Child Protection Center. The residents of the slum area of Hafiznagar No2 also partook in the programme. Garima Garg stressed on the crucial role of environment and of the fact that if children imbibed a sense of responsibility for the environment, it would go a long way in protecting the eco-system. A drawing competition was organized themed around environment protection. Orange fruit saplings were also planted around the Center
24th May 2013

All work and no play can make anyone a dull person. The volunteers of Assam Institute of Advance Studies decided to do things differently by involving the ladies and the children with games that were not only just fun but needed a lot of tact and thought as well. They organised a seemingly simple game of ‘Blind hit’ where one had to hit a target, placed at a distance, blindfolded. What seemed straight forward game turned out to be quite a task, which was why it was such a success amongst the enterprising dwellers, always ready to take up a good challenge when they see one.
May 20th 2013

FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), Northeast Chapter, in association with UTSAH organized a Soft Skills Training & Workshop Programme at the Utsah Hafiznagar No2.Slum Area of Guwahati. Housewives and teenaged children were taught the art of making utility paper bags.
May 18th 2013

UTSAH organized an intensive Awareness Session on Child Rights and Protection at the Child Protection Center, Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area of Guwahati city.Rosanna Lyngdoh ,Senior Child Rights Activist and Team Leader of IMPULSE NGO NETWORK, Meghalaya,facilitated the interactive session along with the Utsah Chairman Miguel Queah. The members of the Child Protection Center staged a skit themed around Child Labour, Domestic Violence and Education. The Session was conceptualised and executed by the MSW Volunteers from Don Bosco University.
May 13th 2013

Managing Director of popular Satellite News Channel DY365, Dipannita Jaiswal visits the UTSAH CHILD PROTECTION CENTER located in the Hafiznagar No2. Slum Area of Bamunimaidam, Guwahati. Interacts with the Children of the Center on values, education and entertainment. Ms.Jaiswal also interacted with the parents of these children on Parental Care and responsibility.She encouraged the youth living in the Slum Area to take positive steps towards making the community better
May 5th 2013

Young Bureaucrat with the Government of Assam, Pomi Barua visits the Utsah Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati.Interacts with the children of the Utsah Child Protection Center and inaugurates the Utsah Hafiznagar No2 Youth Center.Pomi Baruah interacted extensively with the Children of the Child Protection Center on Child Rights and Government Policies.She also encouraged the members of the Youth center to participate wholeheartedly in developing their own community.
May 3rd 2013

UTSAH Wall Paper @ UTSAH CHILD PROTECTION CENTER (made by students of the Center along with Assam Valley School Volunteers Arunav Deka, Hrishiraj Das and Ambika Agarwal).The idea as conceived by the Assam Valley School Volunteers to provide an opportunity for the young members of the Child Protection Center to express themselves through Art.
April 24th 2013

Don Bosco University, (DBU), Masters of Social Work (MSW) Volunteers engage in group activity at the UTSAH Child Protection Center.The Volunteers taught the senior students to create art work by cutting out vegetables and using them from block printing.The Volunteers also undertook an activity wherein the senior students were asked to paint cane dustbins ,which were placed around the school compound, in an attempt to keep the surroundings clean.
19th April 2013

Ms.Pinki Hazarika from Art of Living conducts a special meditation session for the Students of the Utsah Child Protection Center. This programme is meant to expose the beneficiaries to the good effects of meditation and spiritualism.60 students and 40 women attended this workshop.Various kinds of meditation techniques were taught so that the children could relieve themselves from the stress of modern day living.
April 2nd, 2013

Foundation for Social Transformation(FST)a non profit organization based out of Guwahati ,contributes 15 cartons of Mixed Fruit Juice, 15 cartons of Toothpaste and 15 cartons of Ayurvedic Jam for the Children of the UTSAH Hafiznagar No.2 Slum Areas Non-Formal School.The Chairman of Utsah Miguel Queah and Executive member Shantanu Baruva distributed the material among the students and their families.Utsah accepts generous contributions from other organizations , from time to time, in order to promote the wellness of the students studying in the Non-formal school.
March 25th 2013

UTSAH School children bag the 1st Prize in the Sishu Samaroh dancing competition organized by TRP School, Maligaon.Sahida Khatun, Somela Khatun and regina Khatun won 1st prize in the All Guwahati Sishu Samaroh. The students performed “ Gosey Gosey” a composition by famous Assamese Musician Lt.Jyoti Prasad Agarwala and danced along with it.
March 18th 2013

Utsah,along with Dispur Police, rescue 6 Child Labourers from Ganeshguri,Guwahati.The boys were hired for road construction work by a company called "Young Construction", under a PWD contract.An FIR was lodged against Young construction with the Dispur Police Station, Guwahati.
10th March, 2013

UTSAH Children partake in the Northeast East Festival organised by the Children's Film Society of India alongwith Smile Foundation India, in Guwahati near Noonmati area in the city.UTSAH assisted Smile Foundation India to organize a series of Film Screenings across the Northeast of India.
3rd March, 2013

UTSAH introduces The Adult Education Programme at the Hafiznagar No.2 Slum Area in Guwahati.The students of the Utsah Onsite Non-Formal School volunteer to teach the adults every Sunday.
Community Lunch at the No. 2 Hafiznagar, Slum Area - 3RD February, 2013

A Community lunch was organised at the Hafiznagar No. 2 Slum Area where over 300 people partook a feast sponsored by Mr. Sikander Lal Bansal, Mr. & Mrs. Saroj Bansal and Mr. & Mrs. O.P. Khandelwal.
UTSAH mainstream first batch of students - 11th of January, 2013

On the 11th of January 2013, 16 students have been mainstreamed by UTSAH and in collaboration with the local Jyoti Kendra (Sarba Siksha Abhijan).The students have been enrolled into the Government Md. Shahpur Adarsha Vidyalaya in Milanpur and the Chandmari Adarsha Vidyalaya in Guwahati. Monalisa Goswami, ACS, Director Employment and Craftsmen Training, Mr. Ved Prakash Gautam, Child Protection Officer , UNICEF, Guwahati were special guests for the short programme organized to felicitate the students.
7th January 2013

UTSAH mainstreams its first batch of students from the Utsah Onsite Non-formal School at Hafiznagar No 2.Slum Area:Bamunimaidam:Guwahati, on the 7th January 2013.11(Eleven) Students from the Onsite school have been admitted to the Md.Shahpur Adarsha Vidyalaya,Milanpur Guwahati, under the Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission of the Government of India.All these students were involved with some kind of child labour(rag picking, domestic work, garage, vegetable vending etc.) activities before they were rescued and enrolled into the Onsite School by Utsah in March 2012.Utsah's best wishes are always with them.
5th of January 2013

On Saturday, the 5th of January 2013 (10:30 PM) UTSAH organises a congregation of conscientious people at the Dighalipukhuri Park to lead the "Midnight Safety Walk". The aim of this walk would be to demonstrate that women, as well as men, should be able to walk in the middle of night without getting teased, raped or abused. Let us unite and stand strongly against the maladies that make the lives of innocent citizens so vulnerable.The Walk ended at 12.30 am.
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