27th December 2014

Miguel Das Queah visits Conflict affected Patgaon, Basugaon and Kasugaon Relief Camps of Kokrajhar. An Assam tribune report stated " Members of the Assam State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, headed by its Chairperson Runumi Gogoi, today visited the violence-affected children in three relief camps in Kokrajhar district.

Members of the Commission observed that relief materials were inadequate and that there was a need to provide the children with psycho-social support. “There is also a need to engage more medical teams in the relief camps besides improving the provision of water supply and sanitation,” Miguel said.

15th December 2014

UTSAH Children lighting the ceremonial lamp at "Consultation on participatory communication" and launch of "State of the World’s Children Report" organized by UNICEF and Assam State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights. The Children participated in the consultative session and expressed their opinion on the role of stakeholders in their development.
13th December 2014

Rosanna Lyngdoh, Board of Director and one of the driving forces behind Impulse NGO Network Shillong conducted an awareness and sensitization programme with the adolescent girl children of the Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area at the UTSAH Child Protection Center. Rosannna has been a child rights and anti-human trafficking activist for 15 years now. She stressed on the right of a child to health care while touching upon crucial aspects of personal healthcare and hygiene. At the end of the programme Rosanna distributed free sanitary napkins to the participants of the programme. The Eco Hub is based out of Bokakhat in the Golaghat District of Assam.
8th November 2014

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, Assam Social Welfare Minister Akon Bora, amidst a host of senior officials from the Government, visit the UTSAH CHILD PROTECTION CENTER in the Hafiznagar Slum Area in Bamunimaidam Guwahati. UTSAH(Universal Team for Social Action & Help) commemorates the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child. UTSAH has been working for Children in need of care and protection, living in the slum area of Hafiznagar no2 in Bamunimaidam for the last three and a half years. To reinforce the idea of child protection in slum communities, UTSAH celebrates the programme at the UTSAH Child Protection Center located inside the slum area of Hafiznagar No2.
17th OCTOBER 2014

Baxter Healthcare conducts Corporate Social Activity at the UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Non formal Education Programme at the Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area, Guwahati. Baxter distributes cakes, sweets and other eatables amongst the children. They also donate colour boxes, drawing books, dictionary, pens and story books.
1st SEPTEMBER 2014

UTSAH organized a training and awareness session on "Women Rights" for the mothers of children studying at the UTSAH-Smile Foundation Non-formal Education Programme (part of UTSAH Child Protection Center), in the Hafiznagar No2 Slum Community. The session was facilitated by Anurita Pathak Hazarika, Project Manager, North East Network, Guwahati. North East Network is a prominent NGO working in the area of women and gender for over 15 years now.
28th August 2014

Director of American Center (US High Commission- Kolkata), Joanne Joria, visited the UTSAH Child Protection Center and UTSAH SMILE Education Programme, Hafiznagar No2 Slum Community, Guwahati. A group of students from the UTSAH Smile Mission Education Programme welcomed the guest with three Assamese songs. Chairman Miguel Queah felicitated the guest with an Assamese Phulam Gamocha(Stole). Ms. Joria interacted with the children and residents of the Hafiznagar No2 Slum community. UTSAH Vice Chairperson Shankardev Chowdhury presented the guest with paper bags made by the women of the Hafiznagar No2 Slum area under UTSAH's "Project 32"

The Capacity Building Workshop on “NGO Partnership to Adopt Impulse Model to address Human Trafficking and Violence Against Women in Assam was held on 5th and 6th August 2014 in GuwahatI by UTSAH and Impulse NGO Network. This capacity building workshop WAS to foster NGO partnership adopting the Impulse Model to address human trafficking and violence against women and children. NGO's from Guwahati, Dhemaji, Nagaon, Kokrajhar, Sonitpur and Karbi Angling partook in the 2 day workshop. It was launched to scale the Impulse Model pilot in Assam by creating a collaborative network of NGO stakeholders.
15th August 2014

Independence day was celebrated, amidst much joy and laughter, at the UTSAH Child Protection Center in the slum community of Hafiznagar No2, Guwahati, Assam. Upasana Changkakoti, Programmes coordinator, UTSAH hoisted the tricolor amidst a huge gathering of children and residents of the slum community.
9th july 2014

UTSAH Project 32 launched by acclaimed actor Zerifa Waheed at Terra Mayaa Guwahati on 9th July 2014. What is Project 32? 32 (pre Rangarajan Report) is the official mark of Poverty in India. We believe, children living in low-income communities are more prone to abuse. So, to protect children it becomes important to reduce child poverty. How does Project 32 work? We believe mothers are the traditional caregivers of children. So, we take mothers out of poverty by training them to make high quality paper bags inside their community. We connect them to the market that makes their income more sustainable. Empowered mothers are the best child protectors. How can you get involved? Invest in these beautiful bags made by mothers living in the slum area of Hafiznagar No2 in Guwahati and help their children come out of poverty. These bags are your tools of advocacy.
19th june 2014

A General Free Health Camp was organized in association with the National Rural Health Mission under Government of Assam, Department of Health and Family Welfare. Medical Officers Dr. H.M. Saikia and Dr. K. Pathak co-ordinated the camp. 110 Rights holders (children of the UTSAH-Smile Foundation Education Programme and their parents) received regular check up and medication.
12th june 2014

Noted Assamese actors Kopil Bora and Zerifa Waheed celebrated “World Day against Child Labour” at the UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Non formal education programme at the Hafiznagar No2. Slum Area, Guwahati. The actors Kopil Bora and Zerifa Waheed interacted with the children and stressed on the importance of education and urged the parents of the children to strive towards securing the future of the children by refraining from sending their children into any kind of economic activity.
12th june 2014

A Cancer Awareness Programme was organized in association with the B.Barooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati at the UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Non-Formal School at the Hafiznagar No2.Slum Area. Dr. Shrabana Mishra Bhagawati, Officer-in-charge Oncology Department, and her team co-ordinated the programme. Dr. Shrabana Mishra Bhagawati introduced herself and explained the occurrence of cancer in the human body. She detailed the various causes of cancer and how the cancer cells spread through a human anatomy. Dr. Mishra also mentioned the ill effects of tobacco and betel nut and how these can raise the risk of cancer in human beings.
29th may 2014

Dr.(Capt) Runumi Gogoi, Chairperson, ASSAM STATE COMMISSION FOR THE PROTECTION OF CHILD RIGHTS, inaugurated the UTSAH-Smile Foundation India "Library for children" at UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Non-formal Education Programme, at Hafiznagar No2 Slum Area in Bamunimaidam, Guwahati. At the outset of the short programme, Chairman of UTSAH Miguel Queah welcomed the Guest with an Assamese Phoolam Gamocha(stole). Queah also extended his welcome to the Programme Officer of Smile Foundation India (Eastern Region)Pinaki Ranjan Dutta.
19th april 2014

Eclectic Northeast, a premier magazine company from the Northeast of India, organized a dinner for well wishers in association with UTSAH. This dinner was organized to commemorate the success of the UTSAH and Smile Foundation India Education Programme. Bollywood actors Farhan Akhtar and Rahul Bose and Directors Shoojit Sircar and Ronnie Lahiri attended the programme as special guests. In the programme, Miguel Queah, the Chairman of UTSAH gave a short introduction of the UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Education Programme and the UTSAH Child Protection Programme in the slum area of Hafiznagar No2. The programme was attended by Youth politicial Gaurav Gogoi and his wife Elizabeth Gogoi, Shri. AK. Singh, Principal Secretary-Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of Assam, Shri. Ashutosh Agnihotri, Deputy Commissioner- Kamrup (M) District, Dippanita Jaiswal, MD, DY365 News Channel, Florence Handique, TV personality and Tanushree Hazarika Aggarwal, MD, Eclectic Northeast.
10th March 2014

GYouth icon Gaurav Gogoi visits the Utsah Child Protection Center at the Hafiznagar No2 slum community, Guwahati. Gogoi interacted with the students of the UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Non-formal Education Programme on a varied issues ranging from education, health to rights and protection. He encouraged the children to attend school regularly while explaining that only education can help them secure their future. He also motivated the guardians of the children to take special care of their children with regards to nutrition, protection from sexual abuse, violence and any form of mal-treatment.
4th March 2014

UTSAH conducts training on Child Protection at The Assam Valley School, Balipara, Tezpur. On the 4th and 5th of May 2014, UTSAH had been invited to the Assam Valley School to conduct a training & worshop on Child Rights & Protection. This training & workshop had been organized by the internal Child Protection Unit of the School, headed by Ms. Trina Chatterji. Resource Persons for this session were Chairperson Miguel Queah and Chief Spokesperson Shankardev Chowdhury of UTSAH and assisted by Executive Officer and Team Member Bhargav Jyoti Sharma. The objectives for such a training & workshop were (for AVS, Child Protection Unit): 1. Receive adequate information and education on the nuances of Child Protection. 2. Receive adequate information and education on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. 3. Build its capacities to enhance a culture of child protective behaviour in the school.
24th february 2014

Nicole Menezes, Co-Founder, Leher visits Utsah :Nicole is a development professional with over 14 years of work in the sphere of child rights and protection. Passionate about the rights of children, Nicole joined the founding team of CHILDLINE India in 1999. She was instrumental in developing the service from a single helpline for street children in Mumbai to the largest helpline in India, embedded in the nation’s child protection system, now reaching one third of India’s children. As Deputy Director of Childline India Foundation, Nicole managed the CHILDLINE network across the North and East of India, managed the relationship between CIF and the Government of India and led organizational plans and strategy development processes.

4th of february 2014

Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) Prayer held at the UTSAH-Smile Foundation non formal education program( a part of the UTSAH Child Protection Center). Saraswati Puja is organized all over Assam to invoke the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati who is believed to be the prime mistress and benefactor of knowledge, wisdom and music. This puja is organized every year during the month of January and holds symbolic relevance rather than a religious observation, as knowledge is considered crucial to the development and welfare of children.

1st february 2014

Journalist Diganta Sharma from the premier Assamese newspaper Sadin wrote an article on the UTSAH & Smile Foundation India non formal education programme ( a part of the UTSAH Child Protection Center, Hafiznanagr No2). The article, in Assamese, mostly documented Roheem Begum, the 26 year old woman who teaches at the programme. Roheema, a mother of 3 children lives in the slum area of Hafiznagar No2, where the programme operates from. The article also narrated the Roheema’s sincerity and dedication that in turn has helped in the successful implementation of the programme. Roheema, originally from Nalbari District of Assam, managed to complete her education till class 9.However, due to lack of awareness and poverty had to discontinue. Later she was married off to Jainal Ali and migrated to Guwahati city in search of better economic opportunities.

25th of january 2014

SBI-Life Insurance conducted CSR activity at the UTSAH Child Protection Center, Hafiznagar No2 Slum Community, Guwahati. Amresh Kumar, Regional Director, Sbi-Life Northeast, distributes school bags, water bottles, pencils, colour boxes, fruits and chocolates to the children of the UTSAH-Smile Foundation India non formal education programme(a unit of the Utsah Child Protection Center, Hafiznagar No2).Chairman Miguel Queah explained the concept of the UTSAH Child Protection Programme, that includes the Non Formal education programme, to the SBI-Life Regional Director and his team. Mr. Kumar interacted with the students of the programme and spoke on the importance of education and how it is the only weapon that could fight the cloud of poverty and social alienation.
19th january 2014

Headed by their faculty member Ms. Geetu Baruah, a team of students from University of Delaware visited the Utsah Child Protection Center and The UTSAH-Smile Foundation India non-formal education programme at Hafiznagar No2 Slum Community, Guwahati. Chairman Miguel Queah gave an orientation on the UTSAH Child Protection Programme to the visiting team. The University of Delaware would be looking into options for providing volunteers for UTSAH, in the future. The students interacted with the women and children of the community on varied issues like community living, festivals, dance and music, education, domestic violence, status of women etc.
19th january 2014

UTSAH mainstreams its second batch of 39 children of the UTSAH-Smile Foundation India Non Formal school(a part of the UTSAH Child Protection Center, Hafiznagar No2 Slum community, Bamunimaidam, Guwahati. The Children were mainstreamed into Government Schools Chandmari Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya and Mohd. Shah, Vidyalaya Milanpur, under Sarba Siksha Abhijan.
8th january 2014

OTanushree Hazarika Agarwal, MD, Eclectic Northeast & Tattva Creations, visit the Utsah Child Protection Center and the Utsah Smile Foundation India non formal education programme( a part of the UTSAH Child Protection Center, Hafiznanagr No2). Chairman of UTSAH, Miguel Queah welcomed the guest with an Assamese traditional Phoolam Gamocha(stole). Tanushree Hazarika , a prominent entrepreneur from Assam, interacted with students on varied issues like education, health and protection.
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