Utsah is an endeavour that seeks to achieve an equitable society though social action and help.

All our initiatives are centred on youth participation in the process of social development.The youth represent vitality and exuberance and are gifted with incredibly fertile minds and it is this quality that Utsah envisions to ignite towards nation-building.

In a personal conversation at his 10 Rajaji Residence in New Delhi, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam told me once that "The basis of all systems,social or political,rests upon the goodness of people.No Nation is great or good because the parliament enacts this or that,but that its people are great and good".This idea was the cornerstone on which the concept of Utsah found expression.

I believe,that it is extremely important to condition the minds of our young in a "good" way so that they are protected against misguidance and superficial thinking.Utsah would always involve and mentor the youth in mindful living,informing them in the process about the possibility of tremendous creativity and innovation,and letting them feel the deep meaning of life and a future they would own.

Utsah's programme and process based interventions focus on a comprehensive model of social development that seeks to empower disadvantaged sections of society(marginalized by reason of gender,education,economic status,religion,illness and age).Our participatory model of development covers issues of healthcare, hygiene, education,environment care,oldage,community building,alleviation of poverty and finally protection of women and child rights.

Our primary idea is to inspire young minds to think beyond the self and contribute towards building a society that is free from despondency, a society that is happy,a society that is conscious and most importantly a society that is equal.

My brothers and sisters,citizens of the global world-Our journey has already begun.Tread with us in making lives beautiful,in making lives truly worth living.

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