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1. Case intervention/Case Management: UTSAH provides all stage assistance to victims of child abuse, primarily in cases of Child Sexual Abuse. In this segment, the social workers, counselors and lawyers of the organization all forms of necessary support to the victim, to ensure that they can secure protection and justice, as espoused in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989(UNCRC), Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children), 2015(JJ Act), Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012(POCSO) and other child rights laws in the country. UTSAH is currently working on several cases of child abuse, most of them being cases of Child Sexual Abuse. Recognizing UTSAH’s contribution in case management, the State Child Protection Society (SCPS), Government of Assam, has appointed our Executive Director as the Support Person, attached to the Child Welfare Committee of Kamrup Metro District.

2. Technical Assistance, Training and Capacity Building: Being an expert agency, UTSAH provides technical assistance to stakeholders and duty bearers, within the Child Protection system of Assam. UTSAH has trained more than 1000 police officers in various substantive and procedural provisions of child protection related laws in the country, primarily in the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children), 2015(JJ Act) and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012(POCSO). UTSAH has also provided training and capacity building support to Social workers and case workers of Child Care Institutions, Staff and Members of Child Welfare Committees and Juvenile Justice Boards Panchayat Leaders AND Legal Aid Practitioners of the State.

UTSAH has also introduced an initiative through which Police officers can reach out to us for all forms of support, in child protection legal matters or any other matter concerning children. OC’s and CWPO’s regularly call or visit UTSAH for clarifying doubts on various aspects of the law or for understanding Do’s and Don’ts while dealing with children.

Recognizing UTSAH’s technical expertise, the Kamrup Metro District Administration has appointed our Executive Director as a Member the District Child Protection Committee, the District Task Force for Women and Child and the Child Labour Task Force Committee. UTSAH is also part of various consultative processes across the country vis-à-vis child rights law and policy. UTSAH has been part of designing curriculums for the Police and has done a lot of technical work on Child Protection with the State Child Protection Society and Labour Welfare Department of the Government of Assam.

3. Awareness and Sensitization: As an expert agency, UTSAH organizes various awareness and sensitization campaigns in communities and institutions throughout Assam. UTSAH has reached out to more than 1 lakh children in Assam, through our outreach training initiatives on Child Protection. UTSAH has also organized sensitization camps in slum areas, villages, schools and colleges across the State of Assam.

4. Accountable Governance: UTSAH has been instrumental in bringing to frontline various child protection violations within the Child Protection System. Believing accountability to be a crucial factor, we have brought out several violations to the notice of the State, the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights and the Judiciary. Our actions have led to several changes in the Judicial and Police system, making them responsive to the concerns of abuse children, especially of children affected by sexual abuse. A special case that deserves mention is the “Death of a Child due to atrocity of the Bharalumukh Police’, where UTSAH’s intervention helped the Judiciary and the State to arrest 3 police officers for homicide of a child. Our interventions have led to arrest of more than 50 Child Sexual Offenders, in Assam.